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Join the "Library Book Club"

In the past, St. Patrick School Library has encouraged its students to join the school’s Library Birthday Club.  As a way to commemorate their birthday, the children are asked to bring a gift of a new book to donate to the library as a sort of “present” to their school and future students.  

The children will have the satisfaction of knowing they generously gave to their school and that their birthday gift will be used by others for years to come. 


Thank you for helping make St. Pat’s library full of enjoyable books for our students!

Here is how it works

  1. On or around your child’s birthday (or any day if it falls during the summer), have him/her choose a book to purchase for the library from the “library birthday club wish list” on this website or available through Mrs. Hoover. 
  2. Purchase this book from your favorite source such as a local bookstore or on-line.  Or, if you prefer, you may donate the purchase price of the book to me (Mrs. Hoover) and I will purchase the book. 
  3. Once I receive the book, I will place a label on the inside of the book cover identifying the book as a birthday club donation from your child, as well as the month and year it was donated. 
  4. I will also have a poster made up with each child’s name and the book they donated on display in the library.

Click here for the full list...

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