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Book Recommendations: Getting Along with Others

Getting along with others is a lifetime skill and from time to time, one that may require some adult intervention with children. Recently, I made several book purchases that deal with this issue, along with the issue of bullying. Some children may be reluctant to check these books out on their own; so parents, if you would like to examine these books to talk about with your children, please let me know and I will be happy to send the book home or have you pick it up in the school office. 

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A Different Sort of Reading Incentive

Students in kindergarten through third grade take part in a unique reading incentive during their library time.

During the first week of school, I acquainted the students with a boy named Lazarus Kyaw. Lazarus is seven years old, and he and his brother are orphans who have been taken in to live by the sisters of Sacred Heart Convent in Southern Shan State in Myanmar. This convent is part of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions (PIME) Catholic missionaries and supported through donations received by the Foster Parents Mission Club (FPMC) located in Detroit, Michigan.  I decided to sponsor a child through the library by donating one nickel into the "Lazarus Jar" for every student who read their library book. Each time the children have library, we count how many did read (or have read to them) their library books, and I have one student count out that many nickels to place in the jar. Once the jar gets full, I send the money to PIME/FPMC for the care of Lazarus. I have shown a picture of Lazarus and read letters from the sisters about Lazarus to the students, and they seem very interested and sympathetic to his situation in Myanmar. Most recently, Sister Martha from the missions wrote, "Lazarus is a happy, carefree child. He was very happy when we told him that he now has a foster (family) in the U.S."  If you have any questions or comments about PIME or its missions throughout the world, or sponsoring a needy child in foreign lands, you may contact me personally or go to website:

Enjoy a good book!

Mrs. Hoover
Librarian, St. Pat's 

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