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Saint Patrick School serves students in preschool through eighth grade. We are dedicated to providing quality education within a caring family atmosphere, deeply committed to Christian values.
This commitment encompasses:

  • Instilling Catholic/Christian doctrine and ideals
  • Creating an environment of academic excellence through quality education
  • Fostering parent involvement in meeting educational goals
  • Providing experiences and opportunities to serve the larger community

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Christ the King Homily

We've heard quite a few requests for the homily from last Sunday's Christ the King homily. You can find it in the Recorded Homilies section on the site as well as a printed version here:


Girl's Volleyball Championship Game

Congratulations to our sixth grade girl's volleyball team!
On November 6th, Thursday, at Marquette High School, they competed in a "conference" type tournament and brought home a second place trophy!
These 6th grade young ladies, Isabel Villanueva, Lauren Moody, Makenna Linzy,  Greta Tilden, Lillian Roberts, Mia Enzer, and Danielle Plinovich, had a great season. They won all their matches this year except those against Queen of All Saints.
In the championship match against Queen of All Saints, St. Pats got out to a commanding 8-1 lead in the first game.. However, QAS was not to be denied with some tough overhand serves and solid volleys. QAS won the first game 25-19.
In the second game QAS followed the same pattern and defeated St. Pats for first place in the tournament.
After the championship match St. Pats was awarded the second place trophy to the cheers of screaming fans who wore their "Blue Ribbon" t-shirts. They brought the trophy "home" and it is now on display in the trophy case in the foyer of Building Three. Come see it!
A big thanks to Coach Villanueva and Coach Moody for their dedication to this cause.
Thanks 6th grade girls; you made us proud!
Mr. Rupcich
Journalism Club



Science Olympiad... An Interview

I have to admit that this was a difficult subject for an interview, mainly because Science Olympiad has not yet "really" started. However, by doing this interview I learned a lot about the program and I am very excited about it.
I began by interviewing Mrs. Hughes. Then, I turned my attention to the students, some of whom were veterans of Science Olympiad  and others were involved for the first time.
I first asked Mrs. Hughes, "What are your hopes for Science Olympiad?" She responded, "My hopes are to go to the state competition, win medals, to learn and to have fun." I then asked her, "What do you like best about Science Olympiad?" She replied, " Working with students who are enthusiastic about science, like experiments, and desire social growth.
I then asked Mrs. Hughes if she thought that some of her students could become scientists. She replied, " Of course."
I then talked with Mrs. Hughes about her new assistant , Mr. David Schuster. She said, "it is great to have help.  Mr Schuster is a great addition. With Mr. Schuster's help we are able to have special events, such as robotics, fossils, and various competition days."
When interviewing the students I asked what kind of experiments they were creating. They replied, 'building bridges, bottle rockets, robo cross,"  and a host of others.
Students were asked  how did they think the experience of Science Olympiad would help them in the future. The most common response was "finding a career."
Then, I asked the students how they liked the experience of Science Olympiad so far this year. The students responded "it is great and we can't wait for it to start."
A final question for the students was whether they liked science. The answer was a resounding, "YES."
The Science Olympiad is really a great program here at St. Patrick's. Approximately 64% of those  students eligible are participating in the program. It shows how great the Science Olympiad Program is!
Mikaela Genetski
Journalism Club



Jivon's Corner// "Where Interviews Happen"

As a member of the sixth grade, I am undertaking the task of interviewing all members of the 6th grade girl's volleyball team. I will begin with Makenna Linzy.
After a recent match I asked Makenna if she thought that St. Paul's they played was hard to beat. She replied, " No, they were not that difficult; but our girls really played well."
Next, I asked if it took a team effort to bring home a victory. She said," Yes. My teammates and I really helped each other out and there was teamwork throughout the entire match."
Next, I asked Makenna if it was a fairly played match. She replied, Definitely."
Finally, I asked Makenna about the strategy used to defeat St. Paul's. She pointed out that there was no real strategy except powerful hitting and serving.  
She added, " The coach's pep talk really gave us confidence as we switched benches." And that would be Mr. Moody and Mr. Villanueva.
Makenna concluded., "We are still an undefeated team and so far we've got the power!"
This was Jivon Payton at "JIVON"S CORNER."
Jivon Payton
Journalism Club



St. Patrick School's Blue Ribbon Celebration

On Thursday, October 9th, we had our Blue Ribbon celebration. And let me tell you firsthand, what a celebration it was! Mr. Rupcich opened up the event and we had many V.I.P’s. They were Dr. O'Block, our superintendent, Bishop Dale Melzcek, and Mr. McCabe.
Our first speaker was Dr. Barbara O'Block. She was very instrumental in our winning the Blue Ribbon. She started talking about the old saying, “I’m feeling blue”. She said that this was a different feeling of blue. It was a feeling of happiness and prosperity. She also suggested to have an monthly “Blue Ribbon Day”. She said it should be the wearing of the blue. She also said that it was all the hard work of the students, teachers, and other faculty members that helped us get this award. We would like to thank Dr. O'Block for taking time out her day to come to our school and speak on our achievement. 
Next, Father Meade spoke. Father first said that there are over 100,000 schools in the United States.  He said that of the 337 schools that acheived this award, 50 were private schools.  We are the only private school in Indiana to receive this award. He went on to say tuition is very small compared to the tuition of the "colossal giant" schools and he is very proud of that. He went on to talk about the reason of the color of the ribbon. He talked about how the Church was instrumental in helping us getting this award.
After Father Meade, Bishop Melzcek spoke. He said that the Pope would have loved to be here for the celebration. He said we worked as a whole unit to achieve this award. He said it was all of us, together. He said that the family is the most important unit of society. He said we are a family as a parish. He congratulated the parishioners, Father Meade, the teachers, and, finally, all of the students. He said that the Blue Ribbon was awarded to us in the month of Mary, October. He also said it was Pro-Life month. He said God loved us into being and gave us the gift of life. We thank Bishop Melzcek for taking time out of his busy schedule to come speak at our event. 
Finally, Mrs. Thorstad spoke. She talked about the teachers. She spoke about how the teachers are the leaders of the students. She also said that the teachers didn't just come here by accident, this was God’s plan all along. She thanks them for responding to the call. The call to teach.
After Mrs. Thorstad spoke, Mr. Rupcich said that everyone made him feel Happy. Then the dancing began! We danced to Let It Go, Happy, and the Cupid Shuffle. Bishop Melzcek ended the celebration by leading us in prayer. 
We thank everyone for coming to this very special event. 
Written by: Neil Singh, Deion Goldsmith, and Jerrit Payton, Journalism Club



Extended Care/Journalism Club

 Extended Care is a before and after school program which include students whose parents work late or are late to pick them at dismissal.. The students are required to do their homework from the time they get to extended care until the time they are done or their parents pick them up. After homework time, which is 3:30 p.m., the students are provided with snacks and drinks which are allergen free. Also, students with various allergies have their allergies listed and care providers make certain that they do not eat any harmful food.

            Extended Care can be very crowded at times, and it seems to be hard for two or three adults to be able to keep up with all of the students. This is why there are ten students per adult supervisor. To keep track of all of the students, their names are written on a sign-in/ sign-out sheet when they enter Extended Care.. When all of the students are signed in, the supervisors take a roll call. Periodically, during Extended Care there is another roll call to make sure all the students who have not been picked up are accounted for. When the students are picked up, the adult must sign the sign-in/sign-out sheet as well as the time they picked up the student.

            To ensure a safe environment for all of the students, they are required to follow school rules at all times. If they opt not to follow school rules they are reprimanded and must face the consequences. The adults that work in Extended Care are very vigilant, and responsible.

            If someone has never been to Extended Care they may think it to be more like a detention center with teachers and no fun is involved at all. However, Extended Care is very enjoyable for the students. There are plenty of games for the students to play and the adults will participate when they can. On the nice days, the students go outside and have a blast with each other on the playground. On the days when the weather isn't the best, the students can color, draw, engage in crafts, or play with the many board games inside. Sometimes, the students are allowed to go to the computer lab if it is open. If there are no sports activities or practices going on, the students are allowed to play in the field house until they are picked up. As long as the students are well-behaved and their homework is done they will have plenty of fun in Extended Care. As you can see Extended Care is a very enjoyable, safe, and productive place for students to be before and after school.

I interviewed Mrs. Rearick the head of Extend Care as follows:


Q. How long have you worked in Extended Care?

A. " This will be my fourth year."


Q. Do you enjoy working in Extended Care?

A. "Yes"


Q. Why do you enjoy working in Extended Care?

A. " I like working with children, and helping them with homework. I like watching them grow from the beginning of the year to the end year after year."


Q. What made you want to start working in Extended Care?

A. " Jenna was going to school and I decided to get a job, but I wanted a job where I could still be close to my kids."


Q. What qualities do you want in your Extended Care workers?

A. " The workers have to be good with children, nice but stern, be able to follow as well as enforce the rules, and have fun with the children."


Q. Why are those qualities important?

A. " They are important because it will make the job a lot easier, and everyone can have fun that way."


Q. Why do you think an Extended Care program is important for a school to have?

A. " Because there is a lot of families that work, and need somewhere to send their children. Also, it is a lot cheaper than a daycare, and the children can be around the people they like and know. "


Q. As a parent yourself why would a parent choose Extended Care over a daycare?

A. " Extended Care is cheaper, and convenient because the parents don't have to take their children there.  Also the children get to be with their friends."


Q. How do you think St. Pat's could improve Extended Care?

A. " Have more options for the kids to do stuff, especially in winter when we can't go outside."

All I can say is come join us!

 And I, Deion, as a member of Extended Care, I also say, JOIN US!


-Deion Goldsmith-

 Journalism Club



7th/8th Grade Girl's Volleyball

And they win again! The 7th and 8th grade girls’ volleyball team has done it again! They played St. Paul’s in a very exciting game. In the first game, Sammy Devereaux had a fantastic serving streak. She also had a couple amazing jump serves! Jessica Plinovich had a great spike which resulted for us, in yet, another point. Furthermore, Emily Krygoske had an amazing tip. The final score was 25-6.

            In the second game, the girls played phenomenal. Jessica Plinovich had some great over- hand serves. Taryn Schermer’s serves were spot- on as she provided the winning serves. The final score of the second match was 25-10. Great job girls! St. Pat’s is proud of your victory.


Lea Hickle

Journalism Club